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Target Market Determinations (TMD)

We are required to make Target Market Determinations available under the Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act (Cth) 2019.

This is to ensure that the right products end up in the hands of the right customer by focusing on our customers in the design and distribution of our financial products.

What is a Target Market Determination (TMD)?


A TMD is a document which describes:

  • the persons for which the product has been designed,

  • the conditions around the product’s distribution,

  • when this TMD will be reviewed, and

  • record keeping and reporting obligations of distributors.

Please note a TMD is not intended to provide financial advice. When making a decision about a product always make sure you refer to the Terms and Conditions and any supplementary document(s). These will outline the relevant terms and conditions being provided under that product.



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