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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Granite VISA Debit Card?

The Granite visa debit card is your convenient way to access your offset account linked to your Granite home loan. The VSIA debit card allows you instant access to funds in your linked account.  

Why did I receive Granite VISA Debit Card?

You received the Granite Visa Debit card because our records show that you have an existing Visa Debit Card. We have recently upgraded our product and will no longer be supporting the existing card. We sent you a new card to ensure that you continued to have access to your funds while these exciting changes continue within our product offering.  

What if I don't want a new VISA Debit Card?

We understand sometimes our customers don’t want things to change. Our existing VISA debit card product is being retired, and from 31st May 2022 the old VISA debit product will not be supported.  
If you decide that you’d prefer to not have a VISA debit card attached to your loan or offset account, you are welcome to call us on 1300 737 058 and request we cancel it. Alternatively, you can cancel your own card in your online banking portal.  

Do I have to cancel my old card?

We have a team ready to make this process as seamless as possible.


You are most welcome to cancel your existing VISA Debit card through your online portal. If you want the new Visa debit card, then we suggest waiting until you have received and activated your new VISA debit card to ensure that you always have the access you need. Once a card is cancelled it cannot be undone.   

Any remaining existing VISA debit cards will be retired and closed by our customer service team by 31 May 2022.  

Can I call and request my card sooner? I don't want to wait

Unfortunately, our customer service team don’t have the ability to speed up your card order, nor advise you where the card is in the process. You will receive your card at the earliest possible time and will continue to have access to your existing card until it is received.  

Where can I use my VISA Debit Card?

You can use your VISA Debit card anywhere VISA is accepted! Online or in-store.  

How do I make purchases and withdraw money with my VISA Debit Card?

To make purchases and withdraw funds with your VISA Debit card, simply log onto your mobile banking application and activate your card through your app. You can also set and change your PIN through this function. Your card will need to be activated, and PIN Set up before you attempt to use your card.  

To Withdraw funds using your VISA debit card, you will need your PIN. Our VISA Debit Cards can be used at all ATMs where VISA is accepted. Note that fees may be charged by the ATM which will be taken from your account.  


To purchase items instore, you are able to use the Tap and Go Function of the VISA debit or you are able to insert your Chip into the facility and enter your PIN. The choice is yours.  

Is VISA Debit accepted outside Australia?

Yes, our VISA Debit card is accepted outside of Australia. International transaction fees will be payable. Please see your terms and conditions for further information.  


What are the transactions and daily limits? Can I set recurring transactions and direct debits?

The Tap and Go transaction limit is $200. If you make a purchase above this amount you will need to enter your PIN.  

The new VISA Debit Card product matches our existing Re-draw limit of $25,000. Assuming you have the available funds in the account your VISA card is linked to, taking into consideration your loan payment obligations you can access your funds. 

Yes, your VISA debit card can be utilized to pay for everyday transactions like your gym, and streaming services.

How do I cancel my card?

To cancel your card please call us on 1300 737 058. You are also able to lock your card from being used via your Mobile application allowing you time to call us knowing that your funds are safe.  

How do I report it as Lost or Stolen?

If you have lost your card or believe that it has been stolen. Please call us immediately on 1300 737 058. You can also use your mobile application to lock the card which will instantly stop all transactions being accepted.  

How do I activate my new VISA Debit Card?

Your visa debit card can be activated through your internet and mobile banking. Simply log on with your existing internet access and select the cards portal. You will be requested to activate your card.  

Please note: to do this we must have your current mobile number. If you have changed your mobile number, you will need to call us to re-set your contact details and activate your card.  

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