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Property Market Insights - April 2019

We'd like to thank our friends at CoreLogic, the market leader in property research, understanding and data.


CoreLogic has provided market updates below for you to take a look at.
This update is provided "by the numbers".
There's no speculation or opinion pieces, just analysis of data letting you make up your own mind.

Use these updates as a guide to better understand the property market, and what's happening around you.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 1300 232 999.


Detailed update on the National Property Market - updated April 2019 (6 mins)


April 2019 Sydney Property Market Update:


April 2019 Melbourne Property Market Update:


April 2019 Brisbane Property Market Update:


April 2019 Perth Property Market Update:


April 2019 Adelaide Property Market Update:


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