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This is an interesting graph. It highlights the general downward trend in home-ownership rates in Australia over the past 35 odd years.  However what is most pronounced is the f ...

In all honesty, mortgages are a pretty boring product.  It really all boils down to four key questions for a prospective borrower: How much can I borrow? What deposit do I nee ...

Looking at available 100% Home Loan products in the market, a very interesting development in the UK where Lloyds Bank’s new Lend a Hand Mortgage allows people to borrow up to £500 ...


Granite Home Loans was created by industry veterans to help professionals buy a home with No Deposit, No LMI and No help from mum or dad. Click below to take the next step.

Granite were with us every step of the way and enabled us to purchase our first (dream) home. We used their 100% loan (no deposit, no LMI) product. Very happy and would recommend them to legal professionals like us who want to buy their first home.

Mitchell K

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