Our Equity Support products help you enter the market sooner with as little as $10,000 by helping you meet the difference between your savings and 10% of the purchase price by connecting you with our trusted partner network.


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Owner Occupied

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No Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Accelerated Payments

No Income Requirements

No Property Threshold

No Parental Assistance Needed

A Repayment Schedule that suits you with Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Repayments

Fast and Accessible Internet Banking System


  • Australian Citizen or Permanent/ Temporary Resident with corresponding VISA living and working in Australia​

  • PAYG and Self Employed OK- Documented evidence of Income over 2 years

  • Clean Credit- No blemishes, no defaults, no previous bankruptcy

  • Minimum 12 months employment- Casual, Full Time, Part Time, Contract OK

  • Self employed minimum 24 months ABN- Tax returns must show evidence of profit for both Business and individual for the last 2 completed financial years (2018 and 2019)

  • Full Job Keeper currently not allowed- Top up acceptable if back to full hours 

  • No Genuine Savings requirement


  • $660 Application Fee includes validation

  • $550 Legal Fee + disbursements

  • $250 Annual Fee

  • Lender Protection Fee 2% of total loan amount

If you are interested in learning more about our equity support product, please reach out to your preferred local or online broker.

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